Gulski, Rt. Rev. Msgr. Hyacinth Francis
Pioneer-clergyman. Born Nov. 28, 1847 in Chelmno, Poland. In 1866 joined the Order of the Franciscan Fathers. Ordained at Laki, Poland, Sept. 21, 1873. Persecuted by the German Government, came to U.S. in 1875 via Antwerp to Berlin, Wisconsin. From 1875-1876 pastor of St. Stanislaus Parish in Berlin, Wis.; from 1876-1884 pastor of St. Stanislaus Parish in Milwaukee, Wis.; from 1884 to Sept. 23, 1909 pastor of St. Hyacinth's Parish in Milwaukee; from 1909 to Dec. 24, 1911 pastor of St. Hedwig's Parish in Milwaukee. In 1909 became Monsignor. In 1888 founded the St. Vincent and in 1893 SS. Cyril and Methodius parishes in Milwaukee. Died Dec. 24, 1911.

From: "Who's Who in Polish America" by Rev. Francis Bolek, Editor-in-Chief; Harbinger House, New York, 1943