Jazdzewski, Rev. Henry
Clergyman. Born 1859 in Poland. Graduated from St. John's University, Minnesota and was ordained in 1884 in Montreal, Canada. From 1884 to 1885 served as pastor of St. Casimir's parish in Wells, Minn. and from 1886 to 1892 pastor of St. John Cantius parish in Wilno, Minn. From 1892 to 1894 pastor of St. Casimirs' parish in St. Paul, Minn. From 1894 to 1914 pastor of Holy Cross parish in Minneapolis, Minn., again pastor of St. Casimir's parish in St. Paul. An ardent patriot, organizer of Holy Cross Church Choir. Dramatic Club, charter member of Polish Union group in Minneapolis.

From: "Who's Who in Polish America" by Rev. Francis Bolek, Editor-in-Chief; Harbinger House, New York, 1943