Portrait Picture  of Andrzej Pronczuk

Andrzej Pronczuk, Ph. D.

Andrzej Pronczuk was born in Poland in 1942. He received his Master of Science degree in 1963 from Warsaw Agricultural University and Doctor of Science degree from MIT, Cambridge, MA. As a specialist in human nutrition, for 15 years he lectured and run research at Warsaw Agricultural University. After his return to Boston in 1983, he has been working in a similar capacity at Brandeis University for the last 22 years.

Dr. Pronczuk is the author of over 100 scientific publications and several patents.

Besides his professional work, since 1984, he has been very active in social, political and cultural activities on behalf of Polonia and Poland. During 1984-89 he was the Chairman of the newly formed Polish Socio-Cultural Association. In 1989, he joined the Executive Board of the Polish American Congress of E. Mass Division and was its President from 1993-1998. In 1998, Dr. Pronczuk along with others established a new organization called, the Polish Cultural Foundation, Inc. (PCF). Since 1999 has been the Foundation President. He is also Chairman of the Polish Language School Advisory Council in Boston.

His main accomplishments include the following:

1. Successful lobbying in New England on behalf of Poland's membership in NATO. For this action the President of Poland awarded him Cavaliers' Cross of the Order of Merit of Poland in 1999.

2. Publisher and editor from 1992-1998 of Life of Polonia -- Zycie Polonii, the only bilingual publication in the Boston region.

3. Organized the Boston premieres showing of over 20 Polish award winning movies.

4. Initiated, the design and production of the PCF bookmark as a tool for promoting Poland and famous Poles. Over 10,000 bookmarks have been produced and distributed throughout the United States thus far. 5. Prepared and organized the presentation of several exhibits: The exhibit Poland was shown several times at international festivals at the Bayside Expo Center in Boston with 50-80,000 school children in attendance.

6. In 2003, initiated and prepared a photographic exhibit about Pope John Paul II in cooperation with the publisher from Krakow "Kwadrat". This exhibit has been shown for the last 4 years 34 times in over 20 major cities from Boston to San Diego.

7. With the Polish Embassy in Washington, D.C., presented the exhibit "Roads to Freedom, Europe via Solidarnosc" at the University of Massachusetts/Boston Campus in 2006.

8. For the past 6 years, he organized annual fundraising activities for poor and handicapped children in Poland. Over $35,000 has been raised and donated.

From: Resume (2008)