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Photographs - General Rowny

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[pix here] Edward L. Rowny, sixth birthday 1923
[pix here] Cadet E. L. Rowny, at the Westpoint Military Academy, 1940
[pix here] Staff of the 10th Corps looking at map of Hungnam port. (from left) Lt. Colonel Edward L. Rowny in charge of sapers, Major General C. L. Ruffner, Col. MacCorvick and Capt. Morris. Korea 1955.
[pix here] Korean War, December 1950. Commander of the 10th Corps, major General Edward M. Almond decorates Lt. Col. E. L. Rowny with the "Legion of Merit" medal.
[pix here] South Vietnam, Tan Son Nhut base, 1963. Helicopter battle tests. Major General Edward Rowney in charge of program (with machinegun) and Major Darwin W. Beauchamp.
[pix here] Family visit with General Lyman L. Lemnitzer, commander of US Forces in Europe, 1967.
[pix here] Washington, DC, Department of State, August 14, 1981. Secretary of State Alexander Haig administers the oath to the newly appointed delegation chief for the SALT negotiations - Edward L. Rowny. (from left) A. Haig, Rita Rowny, Patrick Daly, and Ambassador Rowny.
[pix here] Ambassador Rowney with Ronald Reagan at the White House, May 1982.
[pix here] Warsaw, November 1985. E. L. Rowny meets with Prof. Bronislaw Geremek and Andrzej Wielowieyski. During the years 1979-80 Rowney and Geremek were stationed at the Woodrow Wilson Institute in Washington, DC.
[pix here] Seoul, South Korea, November 1986. Ambassador E. L. Rowny informs the South Korean president, Chun Doo Hwan, about the Reagan-Gorbachev meeting in Rejkavik, Iceland.
[pix here] With Pope John-Paul II at the Vatican, 1987.
[pix here] May-June 1988. With President Reagan at a summit meeting in Moscow.
[pix here] A meeting with President George Bush at the White House, 1989.

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