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Leo John Dulacki

Marine Corps officer, Lieutenant General

Born Dec. 29, 1918, Omaha (NE), U.S.; son of Stanley and Anna (Jurczak).

Education: Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Creighton University, Omaha (NE), 1941; Master of Science (M.S.), G. Washington University, Washington (DC), 1965.

Career: 2nd lieutenant, United States Marine Corps (USMC), 1941; USS Hornet, 1942; USS Belleau Wood, 1943-44; operations officer, 1st Marine Brigade, Guam, 1948; assistant naval attache, U.S. Embassy, Helsinki (Finland), 1950-52; battalion commander, 1952, United Nations (UN) Truce Negotiation Team, 1953, Korea; instructor, Marine Corps Educational Center, Quantico (VA), 1954-56; naval attache, U.S. Embassy, Moscow (U.S.S.R.), 1958-61; Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington (DC), 1961-64; Naval War College, 1964-65; intelligence officer, 3rd Marine Amphibious Force, 1965, chief of staff, 3rd Marine Division, 1966, Vietnam; director, Marine Corps Command Center, Washington (DC), 1966-67; commander general, 5th Marine Division, 1968-69; chief of staff, 3rd Marine Amphibious Force, Vietnam, 1969-70; commander general, 4th Marine Division, 1970-73; director, Manpower Marine Corps, 1973-74; Retired.

Member of: board trustees member, Kosciuszko Foundation, 1974-89, and Devil Pups Youth Foundation (CA), 1974-90; advisory board member, National Armed Forces Museum; Smithsonian Institution.

Honors, i.a.: Distinguished Service Medal (2 times); Legion of Merit (4 times); Bronze Star (2 times); Joint Service Commendation Medal; Navy Commendation Medal; Purple Heart; Order of the Lion of Finland; Chung-Mu Medal, Korean President Unit Citation, Republic of Korea; National Order of Vietnam, Cross of Gallantry, President Unit Citation, Navy Unit Commendation, Republic of Vietnam; Navy Unit Commendation; Alumni Merit Award, Creighton University, 1974.

Served with: United States Marine Corps (USMC), Iieutenant general, 1941-74.

Affiliation: Republican. Roman Catholic

Languages: English, Russian, Polish

Hobbies: golf, travel, genealogy

Home: 7511-A Jerez Court, Carlsbad, CA 92009

From: "Who's Who in Polish America" 1st Edition 1996-1997, Boleslaw Wierzbianski editor; Bicentennial Publishing Corporation, New York, NY, 1996

Lieutenant General Leo J. Dulacki

US Marine Corps retired

by Artur Zygmont

Leo J. Dulacki was born in Omaha, Nebraska on December 29, 1918 to Anna (Jarczak) and Stanley Dulacki both of whom were born in Poland. He attended the Omaha South High School and graduated from Creighton University in 1941. Upon graduation, he was commissioned a Marine Corps Second Lieutenant.

During World War II, Dulacki was serving aboard the aircraft carrier USS Hornet during the Doolittle Tokyo raid in April1942. On October 26, 1942, the ship was sunk during the battle of Santa Cruz off Guadalcanal. He later served as Commanding Officer of the Marine Detachment aboard the aircraft carrier USS Belleau Wood until that ship was damaged in battle off the Philippines in October 1944. After World War II, Dulacki served at a variety of posts and stations in the United States and on the island of Guam. After completing the Russian Language School and the Strategic Intelligence School, he was assigned, in 1950, to the American Embassy, Helsinki, Finland, where he served for two years as the Assistant Naval Attache.

During the Korean conflict, Dulacki commanded a battalion in the 1st Marine Division and subsequently participated in the Korean Truce negotiations at Panmunjom. He then served as an instructor at the Marine Corps Command and Staff College. From 1956 to 1958, Dulacki served with the 1st Marine Division at Camp Pendleton, California, as Executive Officer of the 1st Marine Regiment and as Division Assistant Logistics Officer. From 1956 to 1961, Dulacki served at the American Embassy, Moscow, USSR, first as Assistant Naval Attache and then as Naval Attache. Following his tour in Moscow, he served as a member of the Joint Staff of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and with the Defense Intelligence Agency in Washington, D.C. While attending the Naval War college in 1965, he received his M.S. degree in International Relations from George Washington University.

From 1965 to 1966, he served his first tour of duty in Vietnam as Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, III Marine Amphibious Force, and Chief of Staff of the 3rd Marine Division. Upon returning to the United States, Dulacki was assigned as the Director of the Marine Corps Command Center in Washington, D.C. It was while serving in that capacity that he was promoted to Brigadier General in 1967 and then assigned as Assistant Director of Personnel, Marine Corps Headquarters.

From 1968 to 1969, Dulacki commanded the 5th Marine Division in California, and then returned to Vietnam where he served as Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations and, later, Chief of Staff, III Marine Amphibious Force. In 1970, Dulacki assumed command of the 4th Marine Division with its headquarters in California, and was promoted to the rank of Major General.

Reporting to Headquarters Marine Corps in April 1973, Dulacki served briefly as Inspector General of the Marine Corps, and then, on 1 May 1973, was designated Marine Corps Director of Manpower. He was promoted to Lieutenant General on May 14, 1973 following confirmation by the Senate on May 10, 1973.

Lieutenant General Dulacki retired on January 1, 1974, after over 32 years of service in the Marine Corps. General Dulacki's personal decorations include: two Distinguished Service Medals; four Legions of Merit; two Bronze Star Medals; the Joint Service Commendation Medal; the Navy Commendation Medal; and the Purple Heart.

Additionally he has been given awards and medals by many nations, including Korea, Finland, Republic of Vietnam, the Philippines and the United Nations. General Dulacki never forgot his Polish heritage. He was on the Board of Trustees of The Kosciuszko Foundation (1974-1988) and is also an Honorary Trustee of the San Diego Paderewski Society. He has visited Poland several times and is a frequent contributor to Polish subject newspapers and magazines.

From: Polish Americans in California, vol. II. National Center for Urban Ethnic Affairs & Polish American Historical Association. California 1995.