Aleksander Kajkowski

Mechamcal engineer, former military officer

Born Dec. 6, 1908, Warsaw, Poland; came to U.S., 1951; son of Jan and Emilia (Jagodzinska); married Irene (Wysogota-Zakrzewska); children: Rose Ann, Christina.

Education: Military Engineering Institute, 1930-33, Military Academy, 1938-39, Warsaw; Engineering Staff College, Haifa (Palestine), 1941: Polish General Staff diploma, 1944.

Career: officer, Polish Army, Modlin, 1938-39; staff officer, Lublin Army, September '39 Campaign; officer, Polish Armed Forces in the West, France, Scotland, 1940-41; commander, Polish Army in Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (U.S.S.R.) and Middle East, 1942; Polish Armed Forces in the West, Italy, 1943-45; commander, Pre - Vocational Training Center, 1947; farmer, Canada, 1948-50; manager, chief instructor, evening classes, Laski Institute of Technology, draftsman, project engineer, United Conveyor Corporation, Chicago (IL), 1951-73; Retired.

Member of: president, Independent Polish Veterans Association (Polish Veterans Association #53), Chicago, 1967-78; vice president, advisory committee member, president, 1972-76, Studium - North American Study Center for Polish Affairs; chairman, Memorial Katyn Committee, 1976-80, Civic Committee chairman, Polish American Congress (P.A.C.); U.S. representative, Polish Government in Exile, London (U.K.), 1979-90; delegate, president R. Kaczorowski delegation to transfer presidential insignia to president L. Walesa, 1990.

Honors: Cross of Valor, 1944; Silver Cross of Merit with Sword, 1944; Gold Cross of Merit, 1972; Chivalry Cross - Polonia Restituta, 1976; Commander Cross - Polonia Restituta, 1986; Commander Cross with Star - Polonia Restituta, 1990; Officer Cross of Merit of Republic of Poland, 1994; outstanding awards, Mutual Aid Association for Polish Emigration, 1988-89, Polish American Congress (P.A.C.), 1991, Polish Parachutists Organization, Polish Air Force Organization.

Served with: Polish Army, Iieutenant-colonel, promoted to colonel, 1989.

Affiliation: Republican. Roman Catholic.

Languages: Polish, English.

From: "Who's Who in Polish America" 1st Edition 1996-1997, Boleslaw Wierzbianski editor; Bicentennial Publishing Corporation,
New York, NY, 1996