Andrzej Pastuszek

Andrzej Pastuszek (born 1948 in Szczecin)
115 East main Street, Rockville, Utah 84763, USA
tel: (435) 772-2295 fax: (435) 772-3778

A Polish writer known in Poland and internationally, with a 25 year career. Author of screen plays, books, documentary films, and radio plays. Started working in film in 1970 at the Military Film Studio "Czolowka" at 21, as assistant to camera operator (Prof. A. Ancuta) then was a director's assistant (Chodkiewicz, Ordo, Skórzewski, Kruk). From 1972 started writing screenplays, TV, radio, and for many publications (including Kultura, Literatura, Zycie Literackie, Tworczosc, Dialog, etc.) and for the publishing houses: PIW, Czytelnik, LSW.

Professional Achievements

Screenplays for Feature Films --

1972 - "Goodbye, Mr. Kowalsky" a TV production directed by Halor-Gebski with the participation of B. Pawlik, J. Matejaszkiewicz, A. Dymszowna.

1974 - "Will of the Wisp" - (one hour long TV movie) first effort by the screenwriter in the team of Aleksander Scibor-Rylski of the PRYZMAT production company. This film was a first effort by the director E. Kruk. Participants: E. Zukowska, K. Majchrzak, and K. Kolberger.

1977 - "Index" - (a theatrical feature film) first effort by director J. Kijowski. Participants: K. Zaleski, E. Zukowska, M. Opania, (distribution of the film was forbidden for many years).

1977 - "Millionaire" - (a theatrical feature film) directed by S. Szyszko, with the participation of: J. Gajos, E. Zietek, Z. Maklakiewicz.

1981 - "Sensitive Places" - (a theatrical feature film) directed by P. Andrejew

1981 - "Kites" - (an hour long TV film) directed by M. Gronowski

1986 - 1988 - "Mutt" (Mongrel) - the history of a Russian emigrant in the US, two parts.

1997 - "Pulaski" beginning of work on the story of General Kazimierz Pulaski, hero of Poland and America


1976, 1981 - "Catcher of Doves" - A volume of short stories, published by "Czytelnik"

1977 - "You Lost Me in the Snow" - A volume of short stories, published by LSW

1980, 1981 - "Good Night" - a novel, published PIW

1981 - "When a Poet Dies" - A volume of short stories, published by "Czytelnik" (book held up at the publisher by the censor in the autumn of 1981)

1988 - 1995 - "Empty Meadows" - a novel

Documentary Films (1972-1976)

Script writer and assistant to director for 12 documentary films among them: "Defense of the Hel Peninsula," "Building in Water," "Season," "Number Nine to the Avenues"

Radio Plays (1975-1981)

Author of seven original works for the Polish Radio Theater among them: "Absolution," "Kiciokas," "Fragments of Emotions"

Books and stories by the author have been translated and published in: France, Sweden, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, and Germany


1973 - Krakow, The Short Film Festival, "Syrenka" - an award given by the journalists to the film "Season"

1977 - Krakow, the Andrzej Bursa Award for the best first effort by author for the book "Catcher of Doves"

1981 - Arnsberg, West Germany, author is invited to an international writers' competition and for his story "Old Man" received the honorary prize of the citizens of Arnsberg.

In 1981 the author is invited by the Embassy of the United States to participate in six month stay in the United States taking part in a program which propagates Polish culture in the US. The program was sponsored by the US International Communication Agency.

During his stay in the US (June-December 1981) Martial Law was declared in Poland. The author received political asylum and settled permanently in the US. Even though he is a 17 year resident emigrant, the author has always felt himself to be a writer of his own country and up to this moment prides himself by having only one citizenship, that of his own country, Poland.

Interview with Andrzej Pastuszek [Arrow Picture]

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