John Thaddeus Radzilowski

Historian, journalist, editor

Born Jun. 21, 1965, Ann Arbor (MI), U.S.; son of Thaddeus and Kathleen (Pliska).

Education: Catholic University, Washington (DC), 1988; Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) (in history), Southwest State University, Marshall (MN), 1989; Ph.D. candidate, Arizona State University, Tempe, 1991 -.

Career: staff writer, Redwood Gazette, Redwood Falls (MN), 1990-91; assistant editor, German Studies Review, 1991, The Historian, 1992, Tempe; free-lance journalist.

Author: Out of the Wind: Poles and Danes in Lincoln County, Minnesota, 1880-1905, 1992; articles in: Polish - American Studies, Polish - American Journal, Quantum, Science Fiction & Fantasy Review.

Member of: delegate, Lyon County Democratic Farmer - Labor Party, 1988; vice president, Polish American Historical Association (P.A.H.A.), 1990-92, Society for Study of Local and Regional History.

Honors: Phi Alpha Theta; grants, Minnesota Historical Society, 1988, 1990.

Affiliation: Democrat. Roman Catholic.

Language: English.

Hobbies: Polish history, science fiction.

Home: 944 South Terrace Road #109, Tempe, AZ 85281.

From: "Who's Who in Polish America" 1st Edition 1996-1997, Boleslaw Wierzbianski editor; Bicentennial Publishing Corporation,
New York, NY, 1996.