Joseph Migala

Broadcasting executive, Polish community leader

Born Feb. 17, 1913, Chicago (IL), U.S.; came to Poiland 1914, returned to U.S., 1947; son Stanislaw and Tekla (Urbas); m. Estelle (Suwala); children: Barbara, Lucyna, Diana, George, Krista.

Education: Master of Arts (M.A.), Jagiellonian University, Cracow (Poland), 1947; Ph.D., University of Warsaw (Poland), 1981.

Career: clerk, 1935-37,1939-45, department head, 1937-49, executive director, 1945-47, Syndicate of Agricultural Cooperatives, Cracow; bookkeeper, Board of Education, Chicago, 1947-54; Polish radio-broadcaster, WLEY and WCRW, Chicago, free-lance radio-producer, WOPA, Oak Park (IL), 1949-79; founder, president, California Realty & Insurance Agency, 1954-80, European Travel Bureau, 1957-78, Rainbow Land Corporation, 1966 -, WCEV Radio, 1979 -, Chicago.

Author: Polish Broadcasting in the United States, 1984 (Poland), 1987 (United States); radio producer, host, Polish Sea League, 1949-50, Voice of Polonia. 1950-80, Alliance of Polish Clubs, 1960-69, and Moments in Polish History, since 1988, Chicago; numerous articles on history in Polish - American journals and magazines, since 1970.

Member of, i.a.: provincial secretary, vice president, Polish Rural Youth Association (chairman, economic committee, 1937-39), Cracow, 1933-39; chairman, Cracow Committee to Aid Czech Pilots, 1938; co-founder, provincial board directors member, ROCH - Polish Peasant Party Underground, and member Polish National Underground Aid for Jews, Cracow, 1940-45; founder, president, Friends of Polish Villages, Chicago, 1948-53; president, W. Witos Historical Institute, Chicago; national chairman, Commission for Polish Radio and TV, Polish American Congress (P.A.C.); founder, president, Cracow Society, Polish Roman Catholic Union of America, 1967-85; president, since 1955, Siedliszowice Club of the Alliance of Polish Clubs, building committee chairman, Wietrzychowice Parish Association, 1958-63, Chicago.

Honors: medal, 1973, decoration, 1989, Veterans of Peasant Battalions, Warsaw.

Served with: Peasant Battalions - Bataliony Chlopskie (B.Ch.) (underground resistance), Iieutenant - colonel, 1939-45.

Office: WCEV Radio, 5356 West Belmont, Chicago, IL60641.

From: "Who's Who in Polish America" 1st Edition 1996-1997, Boleslaw Wierzbianski editor; Bicentennial Publishing Corporation,
New York, NY, 1996