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The gigantic nuclear warship arrived in Stokes Bay on Saturday for a short stay, nhl jerseys along with 4,800 sailors on board.The ship is so huge that she can't anchor in Portsmouth Harbour because the water is too shallow. The sailors have been making the most of their time on dry Cheap Jerseys Free China land by spending time in Portsmouth sightseeing and visiting shops, bars and restaurants in Gunwharf Quays.The Nimitz class ship is anchored one mile from the coast of Stokes Bay and she will remain there until Wednesday. 2014 nfl jerseys sale While she is there, Theodore Roosevelt is set to host British government and military officials. The vessel is returning from a five month combat tour in the Middle East and is accompanied by destroyer the USS The Sullivans. It will leave Stokes Bay on Wednesday at 10am. Chris Rudd, from the Gosport and Fareham Inshore Rescue Service, said: 'A lot of people have been asking what it is. There are people down there with cameras and binoculars. It's great, it brings people down to the coast. It's a very good vantage point from here and it's a good view on a day like this. It's good for the sailors to see some of the attractions. In Gunwharf the shops, bars and restaurants are busy so it's good for them. Richard King, 49, and his partner Rachael Langellotti, Discount Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China Factory 47, went from Warsash to see the huge aircraft carrier. He said: 'It's fantastic. We only found out about two hours ago from our neighbour. We came down straight away especially to see it. We could see it up on Hill Head. The sailors have come to the most historic dockyard in the world. I'm sure they'll be interested to see the Victory and the Warrior. It's going to be a good night in Portsmouth for them. I took my two boys to New York on holiday just to go on an American aircraft carrier in the harbour. USS Theodore Roosevelt is named after a former American president and is the fourth ship in her class. Her radio call sign is Rough Rider, which was the name of President Roosevelt's cavalry unit during the Spanish American War. Her nickname is a reference to Roosevelt's famous phrase, originally an African proverb, that in diplomacy one should Authentic NFL Shop speak softly and carry a big stick'. The ship is 1,032 feet long and weighs 96,000 tons and is a veteran of the 1991 Gulf War, when her planes flew 4,200 sorties, more than any other carrier before the ceasefire on February 28. As the American sailors stepped on to dry land, Gunwharf Quays made a special effort to welcome them into the city. Some bars and restaurants displayed signs reading 'Welcome American Navy', cheap 49ers jerseys while others offered discounts on drinks. In Bar Risa, sailors were relaxing and having some food on their first visit to Portsmouth. Clinton Clayborne, 29, said: 'So far Portsmouth is really nice. I got off the ship this morning and came here to get some food. It's nice to be able to relax and be in a non ship environment. Bernard Brooks, 23, added: 'I have never been to England before but from what cheap nfl elite jerseys sale I have seen it's nice and the people are very friendly and hospitable. It's not hard to find small town charm here. The pair also plan to visit the historic dockyard and find out more about the British Navy whilst on their short stay in the city. Steve Foreshaw, duty manager for Gunwharf, said it was important to make the American navy feel welcome: 'We've had quite a few visitors, but I think a lot of trips have been arranged to take them up to London. The retailers are happy to welcome them. We have got a couple of Latin American bars as well so we are trying to make it as authentic as we can MoD police boats have been patrolling an 820ft exclusion zone around the huge vessel.

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