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SHELTON The barely audible revving of a motorcycle engine outside the BIC Corp. headquarters Friday elicited claps and cheers from hundreds of employees eagerly waiting in the company lobby for the unveiling of the BIC Flex4 Chopper. The bike was custom made by Sr. and his team from the hit television series "American Chopper" to resemble the BIC Flex4 men's shaver, nba jerseys a disposable four blade shaver. Moments later, Teutul rolled the chopper through the front doors and into the lobby. "Could you start it up?" one eager guy asked. Teutul complied, temporarily filling the lobby with the smell of exhaust fumes and the loud roar of the motorcycle that was like a kitten's purr to most of the males in the room, and some of the women, too. "Never in a million years did I think "American Choppers" would make a bike of the Flex4. To have it here in our lobby is impressive and quite an honor," said, of Shelton, who wore an Orange County Choppers' black button down shirt over his BIC T shirt, the attire of the day for the more than 250 employees.

senior vice president and general manager of, told Teutul the bike and shaver are both sleek, masculine and innovative. Mills said BIC officials thought they were giving "American Chopper" a big challenge when they asked him to design a bike that reflects the BIC Flex4 shaver. "I think it's safe to say, when looking at it, I don't think you met our expectations; I think you exceeded our expectations," Mills said before donning sunglasses, rubbing his clean shaven face as if he had Teutul's walrus mustache and briefly straddling the bike. "Our main objective was really to build a cool bike, and I think we succeeded fairly well. Everything's kind of like cutting edge on it," Teutul told the crowd, which included employees from the Shelton and Milford facilities. "We had some fun with this. A few people from our shop got their heads shaved. It was good because BIC donated money for the OCC (Orange County Choppers) Foundation," Teutul said. BIC Brand Manager gave Teutul a check for $20,000 for the foundation, which supports a variety of local and national charities. of Milford, who works in Shelton, said she is a fan of "American Chopper." "To have them pair up with BIC and come right into my life is an amazing experience," said Mehan, who had Teutul sign her BIC shirt.

More than the sound of the motorcycle, the BIC staff was blown away by its appearance. "If you look at the chopper from above, it has the same silhouette as the shaver," said company spokesperson. Rob Rees, of Milford, who works at the BIC lighter facility in Milford, marveled at the workmanship of the chopper and the level of shaver detail Teutul and his team incorporated into the bike. "I love the gas tank and the extra piece he put there. The stainless steel on the side of the gas tank mimics the razor blades. The risers on the handle bars incorporate the flow of the razor," said Rees, who builds choppers as a hobby. The motorcycle also had raised areas on the top of the gas tank and the fender that resembled raised areas on the shaver handle. The striping on the side of the contoured handle was replicated in the engine frame. "This is the biggest thing that's ever happened here at work," said, of Milford, who works at the Milford plant. The BIC Flex4 Chopper will be on display in the BIC headquarters lobby for the next few weeks, and later this year will be displayed at the and Hall of Fame in South Dakota

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