A.B.             Bachelor of Arts  
aka or a.k.a.    also known as
Assn.            Association  
Aug.             August  
Ave.             Avenue

B.A.             Bachelor of Arts 
B.B.A.           Bachelor of Business Administration 
B.S.             Bachelor of Science  
Bldg.            Building 

Cal.             California 
CM               Congregation of Missions 
Col.             Colorado  
Conn. or CT      Connecticut  
Co.              Company  
C.I.O.           Congress of Industrial Organization  
C.R.             Congregation of Resurrection Fathers  
C.S.C.           Congregation of Society of the  Cross  
C.SS.R.          Redemptionist Fathers  
C.S.Sp.          Fathers of the Holy Ghost 

D.C.             District of Columbia  
Dec.             December  
D.D.S.           Doctor of Dental Surgery  
DP               Displaced Person
D.Sc.            Doctor of Science 

E.               East  
Ed.              Education 

Feb.             February 

Ga.              Georgia  

H.S.             High School 
Ind.             Indiana  
Inc.             Incorporated 

Jan.             January  
J.D.             Doctor of Jurisprudence 

K. of C.         Knights of Columbus  
Ky.              Kentucky 

La.              Louisiana  
LL.B.            Bachelor of Laws   
LL.D.            Doctor of Laws  
Lit.D.           Doctor of Literature  
L.I.             Long Island 

MA               Master of Arts 
Mass.            Massachusetts  
M.D              Doctor of Medicine  
MD               Maryland  
Md.              Maryland  
MI               Michigan  
Mich.            Michigan  
Minn.            Minnesota  
Mo               Missouri
N.               North 
n/a              not available
NC               North Carolina  
N.E.             North East  
N.J.             New Jersey  
NW               North West  
NY               New York  
N. Y.            New York  
Nov.             November  
N.E.A.           National Education Association  
Neb              Nebraska 

O.               Ohio  
OH               Ohio  
Oct.             October  
O.F.M.           Order of Friar Minors  
O.M.C.           Order of Minor Conventuals  
O.M.I.           Order of Mary Immaculate  
O.S.B.           Order of Saint Benedict  
O.SF             Order of Felician Sisters (St. Felix) 

Pa.              Pennsylvania  
PA               Pennsylvania 
Ph.D.            Doctor of Philosophy  
Phys. Ed. Assn.  Physical Education Association  
P.N.A.           Polish National Alliance  
P.N.C.C.         Polish National Catholic Church
P.O.             Post Office  
Pol-Am           Polish-American 
P.R.C.U.         Polish Roman Catholic Union (of America) 
P.R.C.U.A.       Polish Roman Catholic Union of America 
PRL              Polska Rzeczpospolita Ludowa (Peoples Republic of Poland)
Prof.            Professor 

R.C.             Roman Catholic
Rd.              Road 
Rev.             Reverend 
R.P.             Rzeczpospolita Polska (Republic of Poland)
Rt. Rev.         Right Reverend  
Rt. Rev. Msgr.   Right Reverend Monsignor  
R. I.            Rhode Island 

Sept.            September  
Supt.            Superintendent  
SS.              Saints  
S.               South  
S.C.             Congregation of Salesians
SE               South East  
S.J.             Society of Jesus  
S.T.B.           Bachelor of Sacred Theology  
S.T.D.           Doctor of Sacred Theology  
S.T.L.           Licentiate of Sacred Theology  
St.              Saint 

Tenn.            Tennessee 

U.S.             United States 

Va.              Virginia  
Vol.             Volume  
Vt.              Vermout 

W. Va.           West Virginia  
Wis.             Wisconsin 
Y.M.C.A          Young Men's Christian Association 
Y.W.C.A.         Young Women's Christian Association