This data base is a four level structure.
For best results use with Microsoft Explorer.

1. Entry or Home Page

Provides access to alphabetic index pages, click on letter to start search. At this time the letters A, B, and P are active. (The P page is experimental, there are no entries from Rev. Bolek's "Who's Who.")

2. Names Index Page(s)

Contains basic listing:
a. last name, first name; organization or item name
b. individual's occupation or item category
c. location (city, state)
d. pertinent dates (birth-death, founding)
e. initial source of information
f. remarks (significant accomplishment, position, event)

A check mark in the extreme left position indicates that the name is recommended for inclusion in the "PAHA Polonia Encyclopedia."

To find name scroll up-down or use "Command/Apple Key F" to bring up search window.
Select name, open information page by clicking on name.

3. Basic Information Page

Usually this is the text found in Rev. Bolek's "Who's Who." In some cases other text is provided.

4. Additional Documents

Additional documents may be attached to the Basic Information page. See the entry for "Archacki, Henry" as an example. Click on blue buttons to open auxiliary documents. A large number of documents may be attached to the Basic Information Page.

Home Page