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(l. to r.) Stanislaw Biestek withn his father Greg, at the 2007 ACPC Convention
photograph by Jacqueline Kolowski

Gregory C. Biestek, Treasurer, American Council for Polish Culture

Has been a member of ACPC and its local Detroit affiliate the Friends of Polish Art since 1973. Gregory has been Treasurer of the ACPC since 1991. Since that date the organization has grown and assets and expenditures on projects have increased tenfold. Prior to becoming Treasurer Gregory served as National Youth Chair in the 70's, organized the National Folk Dance Festivals, and helped create the Polish Folk Dance Association of the Americas. During the 80's Greg served as chair of various committees including Archivist, Public Relations, and Auditor. With the local affiliate he has been Vice-President, Director, and chair of many committees including the group's major fund raisers and as Vice-Chair of the 1987 and Co-Chair of the 1998 National Conventions.

In addition to the arts, Gregory has been active since 1972 in the Polish American Congress, Michigan Division, serving as National Director, State Secretary, State Anti-Discrimination Director, and Chair of many committees and events. He is also involved in the Polish Falcons of America where he is an officer and director of his local group.

Greg is employed as a Senior Compliance Officer by the U.S. Department of Labor covering the Midwest Region. In the 70's and 80's Gregory danced with adult Polish Folk Ensembles and met his wonderful wife Monica who was a member of Polish Singer's Alliance local choral. Greg married his very supportive and understanding wife in 1986, who joins him in many activities while at the same time raising the next generation of Polonia's leadership in their son Stanislaw. Gregory has received a number of awards and honors including the Falcons' Legion of Honor their highest individual achievement, as well as from the PAC/ the PFDAA, the Detroit district of the Combined Federal Campaign, and three separate outstanding achievement awards from the US Department of Labor.

From: Resume (2008)