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Tadeusz Wittlin

Author and journalist

Born: Jun. 19, 1909 in Warsaw, Poland;

Died: Oct. 4, 1998 in Washington, DC;

Came to U.S. in 1952;

The son of Leon and Irena (Krajewska);

Married Gena (Galewska).

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Master of Laws, 1932, University of Warsaw

Master of Arts, 1933, University of Warsaw.


Assistant Prosecutor, District Court, Warsaw;


Cyrulik Warszawski, 1931-34,

Parada, Cairo (Egypt), 1943,

Radiodiffusion Frangaise, Paris (Fr.), 1950-51;

Free-lance writer, Voice of Am., Radio Free Europe,

Translator, Motion Picture Service Branch, USIA, N.Y.C., 1952-58;

Editor, Ameryka, 1958-71,

Free-lance writer, 1971, Washington (DC);

Lecturer, George Washington University (DC), 1969-70, North Carolina College, Southwestern University (TX), McGill University (Can.).

Author i.a.:

Trasa na Parnas (poems), 1929;

Marzyciel i goscie, 1933;

Zlamane skrzydla, 1934;

Przekreslony cztowiek, 1935;

Radosne dni, 1945;

Pieta Achillesa, 1949;

Wyspa Zakochanych, 1951;

A Reluctant Traveler in Russia, 1952;

Modigliani: Prince of Montparnasse, 1964;

Time Stopped at 6:30, 1965;

Commissar: The Life and Death of Lavrenty Pavlovich Beria, 1972;

Ostatnia cyganeria, 1974;

Piesniarka Warszawy, 1985;

Nad szarej Wisty brzegiem, 1990;

An Evening with Anton Chekhov and Maxim Gorky (play), 1987;

translator into Polish i.a.: J. Fennimore Cooper, The Last of the Mohicans.


PEN-Club, English Center and American Center;

Societe Historique et Litteraire Polonaise (Fr.);

Pilsudski Institute of America;

The Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America (P.I.A.S.A.)


1st prize for Marzyciel i goscie - best book of fiction by a young writer, 1934;

Listed in:

Contemporary Authors,

The Writers Directory,

The Authors & Writers Who's Who (U .K.),

Encyklopedia Lama (Fr.),

Encyklopedia PWN (Pol.).

Served with:

Polish Army, Sept. 1939 Campaign;

Prisoner of War (POW) in Germany and U.S.S.R.;

Polish Armed Forces in the West, 2nd Corps, platoon leader, public relations officer 1942-46.

Roman Catholic.

Languages: Polish, English, French, Italian

Home: 2020 F St. NW Apt. 826, Washington, DC 20006

From: "Who's Who in Polish America" 1st Edition 1996-1997, Boleslaw Wierzbianski editor; Bicentennial Publishing Corporation, New York, NY, 1996